martes, 24 de julio de 2007

Desmond´s Blog

Aquí abajo tenéis un post del Blog de Desmond, uno de los participantes del Summer of Code que compartió ayer, con todos los campuseros, su experiencia en el proyecto. Podéis visitar su blog pinchando en este enlace


I have been at Campus Party in Valencia, Spain this week to talk to Spanish students about the Google Summer of Code.


I must confess that I have not made as much progress this week as I would have liked to. Darius and I agreed an ambitious schedule like we always do and I am working really hard to meet my goals for this week.

I have nearly finished the 3rd draft of the drug order entry tool. Darius and I have agreed on a set of features that will make the interface feature complete for the first iteration that will be part of OpenMRS. One of the great things - really - is that this project grows in complexity every week and we we need to choose carefully what I will implement for this project. Only the essentials are being worked on with all of the corner case prescriptions being dealt with in the future.

Campus Party

I delivered a presentation last night about my experiences on the Google Summer of Code Program. I think about 20 people attended and only a few of them had prior experience with developing open source software so everybody there would have learned a lot from what I had to say.

I spoke about my work with the Mozilla Foundation and OpenMRS. It was awesome to be able to tell people about my project this year and people seemed impressed that you could work on such philanthropic projects.

We went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea last night at 2am. I am having a truly fantastic time and would love to come back next year to talk about Summer of Code when I will hopefully be a Mentor!

¡Buenas tardes!

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