sábado, 28 de julio de 2007

Desmond nos cuenta más sobre el SoC

Desmond Elliott, una de nuestras estrellas del Summer of Code, nos cuenta más sobre su experiencia:

I decided to apply for a project on the Google Summer of Code in 2006 because I wanted to gain some real software development experience. I felt that my assignments at University didn't provide me with enough depth to prepare me for working after University and the Summer of Code Program was the perfect opportunity to take.

In 2006 I worked with Google Engineer Mike Pinkerton on improvements to the tabbed browsing interface in the Camino web browser. I had no experience writing software for the Macintosh but because I spent the time to want to work on a project that the community wanted my application was accepted. I worked on a scrollable tab bar as a solution to dealing with overflowing tabs. My development is now part of the Camino code and should be available publicly when Camino 1.6 is available.

In 2007 I applied to work with the OpenMRS Collaborative. I am working on a drug order entry interface for a medical records system that is use in the developing world where HIV and Drug Resistant TB are of great concern. I have been working on this project for about 8 weeks now and every day we uncover new issues that need to be dealt with and the challenges keep piling up. I love that the work I am doing will eventually help to save thousands of lives by minimizing the number of errors in the drug ordering process.

I think that any capable student software developer should seriously consider applying for the Google Summer of Code 2008. I have gained self-confidence, a stronger development ability, and I can communicate more effectively as a result of my projects. I don't know why somebody wouldn't consider applying for a similar experience to what I have had.

Esperamos que todos sigáis su consejo y que su presentación os haya servido de inspiración para participar y solicitar vuestra plaza. ¡No dudéis en pedirnos más información!

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